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Why join TheFactory as a partner?

1. We’re leading the way

we run the award-winning #1 accelerator program in Norway, but don’t for a minute think that we rest at that – our goal is to deliver the best accelerator and incubator there is - period…

2. Interaction with world-class entrepreneurs

we search for entrepreneurs from all over the world – recruiting only the best witinh fintech, insurtech, regtech, AI and blockchain

3. Join our ranks of expert mentors and investors

We have the largest fintech-mentor network and fintech angel investor network in Norway, let Nordea employees join our mentors and investors and make great nw connections

4. The opportunity is now – "fintegration" is all over us

The question to be asked in 2017 is not whether Fintechs and banks should collaborate or not, but rather HOW it should be done in order to use the strengths of both: the services developed by Fintechs and the stability banks provide for the financial industry.

5. We’ll help you to succeed

Through our partner programme we offer full support throughout the full year; where we go – you will go

Interested in joining as a partner? Send us a mail: