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Who Are We and Why Are We Running an Incubator and Accelerator Programs?

TheFactory is the largest Nordic Fintech & Proptech Incubator and Accelerator, and the most exciting place to be for entrepreneurs in the Oslo Fintech & Proptech scene. At TheFactory we cooperate closely with the Nordic & Global Fintech & Proptech eco-system in order to create great opportunities across the borders for our startups. We were incorporated in 2015 under the name Qapital AS, but changed into TheFactory in 2016.

TheFactory Incubator is the most comprehensive fintech- & proptechincubator in Norway and our fintech, proptech, insurtech, regtech, AI & blockhain accelerator programs are the largest of its kind in the Nordics.

TheFactory Accelerator program are mentorship-lead, early stage development programs for startups focusing primarily on fintech, proptech, insurtech, regtech, AI and blockchain. We run 6-12 week accelerator programs and incubation at our three floor hub in Oslo, Norway.

Throughout our programs, the entrepreneurs will be connected with great business mentors, market experts from different verticals, but most importantly a systematic connections with seasoned entrepreneurs and investors to accelerate your business. The programs takes place in modern office facilities at TheFactory, located in the middle of Oslo.

Selected companies and entrepreneurs receive an investment of up to NOK 400.000 in seed funding, in return for 5-12% equity, negotiated on an individual basis on behalf of our investment companies TheFactory Angels. Of this investment, 30% is detained as a program fee to help cover housing and other program costs for the accelerator programs.

Founders also get great benefits and perks from Global Accelerator Network (up to $ 1 mill) and other partners, including free hosting and services, plus a nice place to work, twelve weeks of intensive top-notch mentorship, and the chance to pitch to our partners, angel investors, financial corporates and venture capital firms.

For any other questions, see our FAQ or contact us with general inquiries.

TheFactory is proud to be a Launch-member of the Global Accelerator Network. The network provides perks, professional development, networking opportunities, training, consulting and ongoing support for all of its members in more than 70 different accelerators around the world.


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