TheFactory- the best accelerator program in Norway

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Are you an entrepreneur at heart? So are we!

To make the best accelerator programs for entrepreneurs - you need to be an entrepreneur!

Behind TheFactory, there is a team of passionate entrepreneurs and angel investors. We have a strong international network and startup experience from fintech, telecom and early-stage funding. We are community builders and have worked with entrepreneurship, clusters, and accelerators for many years. 

The strength of TheFactorylies in the multitude of partners, experienced mentors, its investors and not least our innovative entrepreneurs.

Join the sixth accelerator program at TheFactory. Let´s succeed together!


At TheFactory, we put a great emphasize on building a bridge between the corporates and the startups.

TheFactory has made a conscious choice to specialize in industry verticals so that we can facilitate the best possible collaboration between the industry and the founders.  By collaborating with our partners, several early-stage startups have made their first sales or enter into agreements of starting pilot projects. 

Through earlier programs, we have found that when our startups work with our industrial partners, the likelihood of success is increasing significantly. Therefore, we are strong believers in power-coupling.


In TheFactoryaccelerator you will work with selected partners that will help you through the most challenging phase of your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Our partners have a played a significant role when our program was recognizedas the best accelerator program in Norway.

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