TheFactory Spring’19 Proptech Startups (Batch 6)


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Creates and maintain a digital twin of existing buildings, which enables Facilty management and landlords to optimize usage and operations of buildings.

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Flexible and fast roof edge safety system for personnel working on sloped rooftops.

TAG Innsikt


TAG Innsikt will develop a parameter-driven AI tool for market-adapted housing design.



Digital platform improving the process of planning and execution of refurbishment projects in the professional rental market for flats.

House Of Living


A solution that simplifies the process of interior design selection using an interactive 3D visualization tool enabling buyers to make their choices early and thereby improve communication and coordination between all involved parties in a housing projects.

Office Matcher.png

Office Matcher

Digital platform for supporting small and medium businesses in the relocation process

TheFactory Fall’18 startups (Batch 5)

NorQuant Logo.png


Nor quant helps investors achieve better results through a scientific, rules-based, 100% transparent approach.

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riskrate helps companies get updated what’s going on

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The coolest and most complete digital solution for homeowners

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We are creating a plastic deposit system that economically incentivizes people to collect plastic waste for recycling by connecting people who wants to pay to get rid of plastic pollution, as well as businesses who wants to collaborate with people who needs an income.

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The Helpkit  platform will offer digital tools, advice and tips needed in case of serious illness and death. The DigiGuide tool automates paperwork and helps people navigate the bureaucracy they experience in these situations.

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Spring’18 Startups (Batch 4)

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Property Management Business Intelligence.

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Lendonomy seeks to bridge the economic gap faced by many young people and inspire them to support and trust each other through sharing and lending money to peers around the world.

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Capassa is going to be a one stop shop for small businesses, helping them with all their financial and banking needs.

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A Fintech marketplace connecting financial technology consumers with the most relevant service providers.

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Hoili - EVVA Technologies


At Hoili we are rethinking Business Banking in emerging markets by crafting financial experiences made personal, made simple, made transparent.

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Fall’17 Startups (Batch 3)



Diwala is a decentralized digital market platform for refugees that enables the development of displaced communities.

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Funde will be the number one provider of crowdfunding services in Norway. 

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Monetor - an automated inhouse currency department for business.

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Pangea Accelerator

We are connecting African Startups with Competence, Network and Capital.

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Redux Enterprise

Redux Enterprise is the complete business platform with tools like CRM, website and eCommerce bundled together in an easy to use modular system that communicates across functionality.

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TheFactory Spring’17 Startups (Batch 2)



Every day, millions of skilled workers spend hours doing menial, boring finance and accounting tasks. Our AI software enables employees to work on meaningful and challenging issues, instead of registering invoices, reporting travel expenses, reconciling bank statements, etc.

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A digital piggybank connected to your kid´s bank account. Your kid can see how much she has saved and how far until her saving goal is reached. 

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BIZBOT will be the number one paperless shareholding tool for every investor and business owner!

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Tillit Forsikring

“Reinventing private insurance”.

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Bolink is a service for people who want to sell their homes without using a real estate broker. Our services help customers throughout the entire sales process from A to Z by using our easy to use self-help tool. 

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TheFactory Fall’16 Startups



Enin uses AI-enabled real-time monitoring of financial information, news and other data to help you know your customers better, and improve your analysis, sales and risk processes.

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BillKill is a common digital invoice delivery platform that provides a simple overview of all incoming invoices. You can easily pay your bills anywhere anytime, regardless of bank-relationship or invoice senders.

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Zeipt is a digital receipt solution that standardises and distributes digital receipts to consumers and corporate customers.

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