TheFactory // Fall '17 // Finalists


diwala - TheFactory Fall'17 Accelerator Winner!

Diwala is a decentralized digital market platform for refugees that enables the development of displaced communities.

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Funde will be the number one provider of crowdfunding services in Norway. 

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Monitor - an automated inhouse currency department for business.

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Pangea Funds

One-stop Diaspora Crowdinvestment and pre-accelerator platform targeted at early stage start-ups and                                                   SMEs in emerging markets.

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Redux Enterprise

Redux Enterprise is the complete business platform with tools like CRM, website and eCommerce bundled                                                        together in an easy to use modular system that communicates across functionality.

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TheFactory // Fall'17 // Alumni



bSmart will be the number one most innovated reward system for children to motivate to better food, health and economy habits through gamification.

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Indexo help companies streamline their procurements. Better deals delivered.

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Shoppalätt is aiming to become a global provider of pickup and delivery services for small and medium size shopkeepers and businesses!

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Zafeplace provides tailor made services for blockchain based decentralized accounts. Increasing efficiency of and access to financial services.

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