TheFactory // Spring '17 // Finalists

Luca Labs

Every day, millions of skilled workers spend hours doing menial, boring finance and accounting tasks. Our AI software enables employees to work on meaningful and challenging issues, instead of registering invoices, reporting travel expenses, reconciling bank statements, etc.

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Bolink is a service for people who want to sell their homes without using a real estate broker. Our services help customers throughout the entire sales process from A to Z by using our easy to use self-help tool. 

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BIZBOT will be the number one paperless shareholding tool for every investor and business owner!

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A digital piggybank connected to your kid´s bank account. Your kid can see how much she has saved and how far until her saving goal is reached. 

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“Reinventing private insurance”.

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TheFactory // Spring'17 // Alumni


UNA is a digital marketplace which enables you to get an overview and take control of your insurance

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Buddy - Better relations and communication between company and customers within bank- and Insurance

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bagID redefines the way you travel with checked baggage. Check in anywhere, whenever
you want and track your baggage on the go!

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Ykkös Vakuutus

The modern insurance solution for the modern customer in the new business environment.


Insurance on demand

Creating value to insured and insurer with instantaneous and digital insurance model