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When comparing the commercial real estate industry with banking it can be argued that this industry is 5- 10 years behind. While banks changing their business models and redefining their business, the business models in real estate is still the same as decades ago.

In banking we have seen that incumbents have been challenged by startups capable of changing how banks operates. Will we see the same in Commercial real estate? Yes!

The time where buildings are the only asset for Commercial Real Estate firms is over. They are only one part of the offering. Companies will consider a wide range of factors when they select offices. Being a service provider, Commercial Real Estate companies ought to consider how they deliver these services and what services tenants expect and prefer. This will require that you are able to capture and analyze information in real time and act upon it. Not least, in order to be competitive, you must understand how and what services and how office environments help to increase the tenant's competitiveness.

On the cost side, technology is the answer to how you continuously reduce the cost of owning and operating a building.

Due to the technological evolvement, the competitive landscape will change. New entrants will change how you compete and how you interact with your customers.  

TheFactory want to help technology entrepreneurs who aim to disrupt the business and solve the biggest problem the industry face today. There is no shortage of good ideas, but through our Fintech program we have experienced that the startups need help with the commercialization of the ideas they have. Our Fintech accelerator has had enormous success since its inception and was voted Norway's best accelerator in 2017.

Commercialization is therefore the main focus of the new Proptech accelerator.

The Proptech accelerator is a 6 week intensive program for entrepreneurs we believe have what it takes to build a solid business.

Throughout the program, startups follows a proven methodology for accelerator ( Techstar/ GAN and they work with our partners and TheFactory to in activities that must be done to transform an idea into a business.

What's in it for you?

From experience we know that collaborating with startups will enable Commercial Real Estate companies to stay on the bleeding edge by gaining exposure to disruptive technology; company culture transformation by injecting new ways of thinking around innovation, cost reduction and rapid product development.

  • Innovation bootcamps

Learn innovation frameworks and methodologies such as lean startup and design thinking.

Learn how you drive change in your company to transform your company to a digital service provider

  • Seminars

Keep up to date on latest research and trends in areas that directly impact your industry.

  • and more….

Planned program start: April/ May 2019.

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