May 16, 2016

Santander’s mission is to “help people and businesses prosper” and we fundamentally believe in placing customers and partners at the center of our strategy and everything we do. Underpinning our mission are three central aspects of our culture - SimplePersonal and Fair – which embodies how we think and operate, and represents what our customers expect of us as a bank. It defines how we conduct business and take decisions, and the way in which we interact with customers, shareholders and society.

Written by Jon Pycroft, Nordic Innovation Director at Santander Consumer Bank


We also passionately believe that for a bank to successfully claim true market leadership, it must be prepared to challenge and potentially redefine itself, and to seek to innovate across its entire value chain.

What do we aim to get out of our collaboration with FintechFactory?

 In short, the aim of our collaboration with FintechFactory is:

1.     To gain exposure to new ideas and companies that potentially may add value to our business and support growth

2.     To promote the development of the fintech environment in Norway

3.     To develop networks with key individuals and firms aligned with the fintech space in Norway

What will be Santander’s market position within 3 years

By 2020, Santander’s aim is to be a market leader across the Nordics within selected consumer finance segments. This implies not only continued growth within existing market segments, but also redefining and broadening these segments.

The company’s further growth will have its foundation on 4 key strategic pillars:

1.     MARKET:

a.     Market leader - We outperform our competitors in all relevant dimensions,  based on customer centricity & innovation

b.     Growing footprint - We enter markets and segments that strengthen and further grow our business, through a more diversified, broader and relevantproduct & service offering in an expanded market

2.     CUSTOMER:

a.     Preferred choice - We are the number one choice for customers and partners within our products and services

b.     Leading offering - We continuously provide more relevant better and differentiated products, services and processes, making us preferred among existing and new customers and partners in all channels.


a.     We are agile and insights driven - We are organized and dedicated to serve our customers and partners effectively based on leading business intelligence and insights.

b.     We are truly collaborative - We are truly collaborative in an environment where we not only

a.     work well together, but also for each other and with external partners

4.     PEOPLE:

a.     Best place to work - With our trust-based, respectful and winning culture we recruit,  retain and develop the right people, and we reach our targets through engagement and passion – we are proud to be driven

b.     Inspiring leadership - Our leadership style empowers people by being goal-driven and human-centric; it inspires people to do their best and create great results.

Central to this strategy is “Innovation in everything we do” i.e. the need to innovate throughout and across our business.

Innovation in everything we do: 

Market: Drives us to explore and capitalize upon new market opportunities, thereby increasing our market footprint and penetration. 

Customers: Drives the development of superior products and services that truly engage our customers, thereby increasing the relevance of the Santander brand.

Capability: Drives the development of new capabilities, that booth enable us to run our business more effectively and which support the development of innovative products and services.

People: Drives how to most effectively engage, motive and develop our most valuable  resources.